5 Unexpected Fields Using Business Intelligence

April 4, 2017

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Business intelligence and analytics is becoming one of the fastest growing professions in current industry. There was a time when CEO’s and their teams calculated figures on speculation. But nowadays there has been an increasing demand for more enhanced and inclusive data analysis. This demand of data have risen the term Big Data.

Successful companies have found many ways to manage big amounts of data by streamlining their information and using different methods. Large corporations like Intel and Google continuously using business intelligence solutions and analytics to increase their efficiency for reaching strategic goals.

In current era, all companies are considering the use of business intelligence and analytics. Here is a list of five different fields and sectors that utilize this analytical approach to decrease costs and increase profits, showing the benefit of business intelligence services and solutions.



Universities and other institutions of education have been successfully using a variety of Business intelligence solutions and Business Analytics strategies. For example, these organizations use BI solutions, provided by companies like BILYTICA, to manage their data and reach enrollment goals.

Federal Government
Government is that sector of enterprise that has been always slowed down by an explosion of data and information. One of the important goals of these efforts is to make an open source system for information and data while also reducing the cost of governance.

Social Media

Social media has revolutionize the data management throughout the globe. This means that organizations have opportunity to take consumer information directly from customers, offering current data from the special perspective of the consumer.


There has always been a special amount of science behind the trends in the fashion industry. Furthermore, the increased use of business intelligence and analytics has given the fashion industry more tools and policies to help promote certain trends and assist decision making. For buyers, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics allows them to understand the demand of their consumers, while for suppliers it has allowed greater insight and awareness of markets.

Public Transportation

The heavy transport systems of different cities around the country have given using a specific type of business intelligence and analytics known as transit intelligence. This data includes rider’s information, vehicle maintenance, and route tracks. By increasing access to this data, transport services can help for better schedule, higher levels of profitability, reducing costs, and also help in more effective services for the public.


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