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May 2, 2017

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Every organization needs an effective workforce to increase its productivity and enhance its value in market place. The goal HR department is to make business processes efficient and continue its work flow in a smooth way. The human resource department deals with the people management and supervision of an organization.

HR tasks include recruitment, training, selection, performance management, motivate employees, workplace communication, workplace safety, up to date with federal tax laws and compensation. PeopleQlik’s HR software provides you protected record custody services, resume assessment, preparing performance evaluations, performance management, time management software, recruitment and selection, benefit management and HR analytics.

Human Resource Department Activities

It has some key functions of;

  • Determining staff needs.
  • Hiring more employees to fulfill company’s needs.
  • Training for the best talent.
  • Control the work flow.
  • Developing association between employee and company.
  • Making sure of high performance.
  • Controlling and dealing with employees’ behavior. Or maintaining discipline for better environment.
  • Motivating employees to enhance their adeptness.

What is Core HR?

Core HR include all the functions of monitoring company’s employees and performance like employees’ hiring, firing, performance evaluation, communication, manage payroll and employee compensation and benefits.

Employees are the backbone of any organization and to maintain their all information from hire to retire is important. Core HR has all the data of employees. And it has to keep this data in proper manner.

Human resource management software categorize employees’ life that are employee creation, confirmation, movement and separation.

Enhance productivity through cloud hr software

PeopleQlik’s’ Cloud HR software provides you flexibility and control of user accessibility. Easily create the suitable user settings to ensure that only the necessary people have access to sensitive employee and company data.

Cloud base management provide availability at anytime from anywhere. Mangers become more efficient when they can handle employee tasks quickly. It is more secure. It also saves from disaster of data loss that save companies from facing terrible losses.

It also causes of decrements in some expenses that saves a lot of costs of your company and secure your data from any terrible disasters.


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