Easily and Accurately Track Employee Attendance with Attendance Management Software

Easily and Accurately Track Employee Attendance with Attendance Management Software
June 6, 2017

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Attendance management software is effectual software which is used by many organizations for purpose of evaluating employee’s attendance. It can be used to save your time and reduce errors by calculating employee’s attendance. It enables employees to record their arrival and departure and can also be used by managers to verify about employee’s attendance records and overtime.

Attendance management is a structural waythat you can be used to keep track of employee hours. It canalso be used to verify the time of employee’s work and the time they take off. It can be used by managers to recording of employee hours on paper.

Attendance Management Software:

PeopleQlik’s Attendance Management Software is a user friendly, fully featured employee attendance management tool which allows you to manage your employee’s attendance by automating timekeeping and attendance tracking.

Main Functionality

  • It calculates employee’s worked hours and pay for any custom time period automatically.
  • It enables to perform some key HR functions such as tracking absences and vacations.
  • It makes analysis of punches to provide information about delay of employees
  • It also enables configuring policies to define holiday payment rules and overtime payment rules

Benefits of Attendance Management Software

  • Reduction of errors
  • saves money
  • Saves time
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Security

PeopleQlik, Attendance Management Software is an essential tool for every organization and gives complete access to employees shifting and production plan creation which is integrated with the attendance machine. This could help an employer in deciding which employees are most suitable to work in the business.    Also, it provides Performance management Software which is used by manager and employee that both works together to planning, monitor and evaluating an employee’s work objectives.

PeopleQlik’s Timesheet Management Software provides HR managers the ability to record and maintain complete attendance records for their employees. Timesheets can be viewed by employees using the employee portal. By using this software,employees can view their own timecards at any time, and your staff spends less time on managing attendance and cutting paychecks.

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