Efficient Medical Office: Less (Paper) is More

March 2, 2017

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As managers, healthcare providers, insurers, and a number of other healthcare professionals attempt to generate healthier profit margins while maintaining care standards, most of the conversation is focused on the need for reimbursement increases. But many healthcare practices are ignoring real savings opportunities by not adopting tools that can reduce equipment costs, paper expense and employee time. Indeed, many of these opportunities are free or low-cost, and can modernize your facility in a way that helps both patient care and business needs.

Electronic medical records offer plenty of advantages:

  •         lower costs,
  •         improved organization and more.

EMR Software is designed to enhance medical organization’s functionality, but there is one unexpected positive consequence: saving paper.

Although these are major changes with obvious paper-saving advantages, there are also more subtle ways to make your healthcare practice almost paperless.

Here are four of most favorite ones:

  1.    Collaborative document creation

CloudPital hospital erp software is the best example of a collaborative document creation tool that allows users to simultaneously work on a document without the need to print anything. With cloud emr software, CloudPital, colleagues can simultaneously edit the same document, with the ability to restore earlier versions in case something goes wrong. Cloudpital hospital software also allows for mass document storage, so there’s no need to keep hard copies of those documents locked away in a storage box somewhere.

  1.    E-fax

The amount of faxed information coming into a healthcare practice can be daunting and the cost of maintaining and leasing a fax machine to mass-produce copies of all those documents can get quite expensive. Get an e-fax account as a substitute. Incoming faxes can be received as attachments (PDF files) to a designated e-mail address instead of being automatically printed. This saves time when the documents need to be archived and integrated into the practice EMR software, not to mention reduces the possibility of a fax being lost or misfiled, and also saves money on ink and paper.

  1.    E-signature

Now that you have documents in PDF form, your company might need to print them and add a signature, which defeats the purpose of the e-fax, right? Well, luckily CloudPital  clinic practice management software allows the addition of an e-signature to documents, meaning no never need to print them. E-signatures save both time and money and are legally binding, because they can be used to sign a digital document without printing it.

  1.    Paperless statements

Probably the most commonly known method of reducing paper usage is changing to automatic bill-pay and paperless statements for recurring charges your healthcare practice incurs. This not only saves paper, but also considerable time.

These are just a few of the ways you can implement to make your facility less dependent on paper and, as a byproduct, more efficient and more profitable.


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