Features of Magento development service

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April 6, 2017


Features of Magento development service

As we know that Bilytica has propelled hundreds of online stores in all over the world. We have non conflicting team of excellent and experienced shopping cart designers and developers. Experienced and skilled software development team of Bilytica providing best solution of many experienced clients all over the world.

Magento development services have become a prominent part of most web companies. Once we negotiate through the supervision board, we’ll notice how it’s designed to support the ecommerce capabities like distribution options, compensation options, catalogue support, amount management, deduction options, etc. and it is also more secure than WordPress for third party plugins.

Magento Ecommerce Features:

A software development company has one of the  most extensive features lists you will always catch in relations of ecommerce software.

  • Marketing Tool:

Magento offer tools not only to advance the website but also to sell your products.

  • Analytics and Report generating:

 Magento service providing help in generating reports, tax reports, tag reports, coupon convention intelligences, search terms information, best viewed products reports, best acquired products information for new orders with the help of few allowances.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

Magento offers many features to make the website search engine friendly.  Magento development service attract new customers with Magento’s Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL structure and SEO tools.


  • Site management and optimization:

 Magento development provide very effective features all over the world that improve your sites triangulation using site controlling tools which sustenance for localization and numerous exchanges, one-click advancements, and more. Magento development service providing best features for site management and site optimization that provide help in better ranking.

  • International support for better performance:

As we know that Bilytica providing international platform for business intelligence and analytics and Magento development service provides international support in all the countries and it can create multi-lingual websites which may support multiple currencies, localization, website registration and tax rate support and more.

  • Product browsing and management

The skill to feature multiple images per products, related products, stock availability, product keyword research, zoom-in product images, etc.  Magento development service provides better feature for product browsing and project management.  Magento development service also providing mobile responsive features for enhanced m-commerce sites for the mobile users.







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