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August 29, 2017

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As data gets bigger (and more complex), you often need more than one person to complete an analysis.  For this reason, Cognos Consulting Services in Australia will support your collaborative analytics.  In fact, we believe that the better supported you get, the better your results will be.

When I say collaboration, what exactly am I referring to?  In most teams the individuals have different strengths, and in many cases, different roles, and you will get the most effective results when you can easily draw on those skills.

Obvious candidates include:

The data analytics experts (perhaps you), who are familiar with the techniques to turn data into results. You may even have experts within this group that specialize in particular techniques.

The subject matter experts who are familiar with the particular systems. If you are analyzing the shipping process (for example), it would be a great help to be able to draw on the knowledge of those familiar with the peculiarities of that specific area.

In SAP Training in Australia data experts, familiar with the definition or identification of data. You may have data warehouses, mainframes, VSAM, DB2, IMS, and having someone who knows where to look, and specifically how to access that kind of data, can allow you to focus on the analytics themselves, rather than the technicalities of accessing the source tables.

The automation specialists. With most modern tools it isn’t too difficult to automate a process, but when you call in the experts you can get a finished product that is more bullet-proof, and perhaps meets your departmental standards.

With Oracle consulting services in Australia our analysts were most often generalists, who were expected to fulfill all these roles, but with the complexity of modern environments, specialization has become inevitable.  It is now much less common that a single individual has all the skills necessary to finish the whole job.  If your tool doesn’t support collaboration well, then you may be forced to send copies of data (and other components) to others.  Not only is this inefficient, but it can lead to errors when the various versions get out of date.

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