Recruitment & Selection Policy

January 19, 2017

Technical advance have rationalized almost all business operations, including recruiting. The strength of recruitment & selection policy is to direct and discipline recruitment practices to warrant that the objective of any company are accomplish. PeopleQlik software is recruiting encompasses online sources used for the recruitment and selection of candidates as it include Internet jobs board, applicant tracking system, online testing and assessments.

The purpose of recruitment & selection policy is to direct and discipline recruitment practices to ensure that the objectives of the company is attained. There are numerous problems while you are facing during recruitment and selection manually for example as you have to make the strategy to determine while hiring a candidate is a really asset to your company. The company believes that effective jobs and design will help ensure the job description and person specification are inclusive, up to date and reflective of the company’s needs. It will also help ensure that the correct requirement and selection method missing the chances of successful appointment. The other thing is cost during publicity, orient and on training time. Company endure highly costs especially when your company offers employee benefits. The Staff review group meets every month to consider the approvals of all PAFs, CAFs and bank hourly paid. This group consists of the Vice Chancellor, Director, Operations and Deputy Director.

Small businesses might look for another solution to bringing on full time staff such as giving additional responsibilities to current employees. While you also have some skills to measure all newly hired employee skills. The process from sourcing candidate to completing the process for fresh appointed employees.

PeopleQlik’s Software helps you in recruitment & selection policy while it having Efficiency, Audience & less cost. Recruiting through PeopleQlik’s Software reaches a much larger or more targeted audience than other methods do. Along with reaching job seekers anywhere, you can attract candidates with very specific skills. While you have equality and diversity, ethical decision making and procedural fairness through you will aware of the principle of equality and diversity.

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