Understanding the Importance of Secure Data Storage

March 10, 2017

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The necessity of digital security is increasing as more and more medical data is going digital. HIPAA guidelines necessitate that medical providers keep data protected. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is US legislation that provides security provisions and data privacy for safeguarding medical information. While some providers complain that their data isn’t protected, many healthcare providers are managing security well. This request the question: what are their security options?

Organizations essentially have two choices when it comes to storing medical data,:

  1. Outsource your Data Storage
  2. Manage Your Own Data

Outsource your Data Storage

The hospital erp software, like cloudpital, necessary to input and retrieve medical data is provided by many outsource providers. They provide tech and hardware support. This option is generally utilized by bigger healthcare organizations.

Some advantages of outsourced data storage are:

  • Less Work: Healthcare organizations are free to focus on just healthcare because someone else is managing their data,
  • Quality Data Protection: A data storage center is likely to utilize quality server protection and up-to-date equipment. Some data centers guarantee HIPAA level protection.
  • External Support: The outsource provider offers will provide its own external support instead of hiring a large IT staff for your company. The data center manages the servers for your healthcare facility.
  • Low Upfront Cost: Many outsource providers offer packages that include different levels of storage and service. Your facility can save money on IT costs and hardware.

Manage Your Own Data

In this set-up, healthcare providers are responsible for all of their own hardware and software management. They can use hospital management software, like cloudPital, for efficiently and effectively managing their hospital. All data is stored on-sight. This is usually good for smaller healthcare organizations.

Some advantages of self-data storage are:

  • Self-Monitored Data Protection: Security is in company’s own hands. Compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations can be handled internally instead of trusting it to another company.
  • More Flexibility: Companies can select the equipment and applications they prefer.
  • Complete Control: All of the data is local, and any changes to where or how files are stored is in company’s own control.

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