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Bilytica is the leading company in the Information Technology from 2009, and it is providing best custom based solutions to its clients. Profit can only be gained through improvement in the business processes and consultants at Bilytica possess complete knowledge of the data warehousing, business intelligence and other procedures to help you in taking best strategic decisions. Bilytica has its existence in 4 different countries namely Australia, , Finland and Pakistan and it has a client base of more than 50 corporate clients in the world which is increasing rapidly.

Bilytica provides specialized business intelligence and information management, ERP application development namely Erpisto covering all the major modules according to the needs of the businesses, forecasting and data mining, social media analytics, cloud services and different kinds of Business Intelligence trainings to train people. Erpisto is designed to deal with the inventory management, manufacturing and assembling, HR and payroll, POS system, sales and management of customers and procurement/purchasing and management of vendors and accounting. Along with these main modules, other functionalities are configured and implemented according to the needs of the customers. All these modules cover all the requirements of their respective departments and let the companies plan their businesses and take everything ahead with their proposed plans.

No matter which industry and department you are working with, Bilytica solutions are at their best to give best outcome for your business. Bilytica professionals are always ready to give you best analysis of all the opportunities from your data. Highly competitive business environment demands proper planning and decision making and that’s where rigorous analysis is required. Bilytica is always at its best to look deeper in to your business and its professionals will not only evaluate your data but will also help you in taking the right decision with precise and perfect understanding.

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Erpisto is the ultimate ERP Solution Software!

Loaded with awesome features, Easy to use reporting tools, User friendly, Robust Modern Interface & many more!

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