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Payroll Software

PeopleQlik Payroll Software in Australia empowers small to large organizations managing entire payroll process with a single enterprise wise application from web or mobile.

Processing the payroll at the end of month is a hectic and responsible task as this is linked directly with company financial statement and corporate banking transaction . Any flaw in the total numbers can be a drastic incident for the organization. Without the presence of an enterprise Payroll software in Australia it becomes a manual work for HR department and finance which is not a productive practice as this can be avoided with a cloud or on premises based Payroll software in Australia with built in integration with Core HR including leave data, attendance, employee self service and mobile app so that all the changes are reflected in the final calculation.

PeopleQlik payroll software in Australia streamline all the process starting from the employee enrollment till final salary processing.

Payroll Software

PeopleQlik Payroll System

PeopleQlik Payroll Software

PeopleQlik offers following benefits to small and large multinational enterprises:

  • Availability of all required payroll related information within single software for processing the enterprise wide payroll
  • ensures local regulatory bodies and taxation compliance
  • Integrated Payroll with other departments which ensures compliance and conformation with internal & external HR audit process
  • Compliance change alerts and notifications to avoid penalties by regulatory bodies .
  • Attendance and leave data integration with payroll software in Australia to perform error free payable and receivable calculation .
  • Manage multi location based payroll along with 100% compliance to local taxation and HR rules.
  • Multi Currency payroll processing support.


PeopleQlik’s enables HR managers in creation of country wise pay groups and policies which effect the final payroll calculation with country specific rules and regulation integration. Pay Groups can be labelled using various elements (earnings & deductions) with payroll process within few clicks from Start, to confirm and finalize. PeopleQlik Payroll Software in Australia helps doing manual tasks with 100% automation specially creation of salary files for direct deposit, cheque or bank credits. Supporting both ‘PFX’ and ‘Dongle’, the Digital Signature Tool is available in the software which entertain the HR automation in the organization.


Payroll software integration with other department and source system is very important because final payable and receivable calculation is not performed without critical information rleated to each employee which it makes it inevitable to enterprise to adopt an enterprise Payroll software in Australia PeopleQlik is an integrated Payroll software in Australia which is integrated with Leave , Attendance, Core HR , Employee self service and mobile app data and all this data from difference source system is placed in the central database of PeopleQlik which is used in processing the final payroll .

Import features

HR department can easily import important data from other source systems and departments in different formats which is readable by PeopleQik including doc, pdf, xml files, html pages, , excel, text files and many more formats.

Loan Master

Company’s loan policies, schedules, EMI and per month deduction details are available in built in Loan master in PeopleQlik Payroll Software in Australia .

Benefits master

HR managers can keep complete records of benefits provided to an employee and all these benefits are processed and updated in payroll processing . Benefits range form HR benefits, medical benefits, travel allowance, fuel etc

Tax Computations

Country based tax slabs, tax declarations, investments and exemptions for payroll processing purposes are managed in PeopleQlik payroll software in Australia with complete compliance to local board of revenues and regulatory bodies.

Letter viewer

Organization letters, pay slips, tax declarations, offer, promotion and other letters etc can be viewed and created by HR department on run time without any manual efforts which boost the productivity and better response time to employees.

All statutory payroll

ESI, Form 16, and Form 20 can be accessed with rapid access .